As a Virginia attorney for 15 years, I have probably filed in court over 1,500 debt collection lawsuits to collect unpaid debts from people and some businesses. While I like to help out people to get the money they are owed, I get awfully tired of suing people who don’t have any money. (When I see a business that just doesn’t want to pay, they get extra attention, compared to those who simply can’t pay.)

A very common reason why people have unpaid debts is because they had medical bills that were not covered by health insurance.

Health insurance often will refuse to pay medical bills that they should pay, hoping that you will just go away, forget, become distracted or confused, get tired, or not know what to do. To get paid by insurance, you often have to be persistent and demanding. You may even need to sue your health insurance company.

Another common problem is that you, the patient, are dependent upon the doctor or dentist or hospital submitting the proper paperwork. You are caught between the medical provider and the insurance company. The insurance company says (perhaps dishonestly) that they are still waiting for documentation. Perhaps the medical provider does a bad job of submitting the paperwork, makes mistakes or submits paperwork with errors, submits incomplete paperwork, or just doesn’t submit the paperwork at all.

So you are caught in the middle. The medical provider demands payment. They say that you owe the money whether insurance pays or not. However, the insurance company says they are still waiting for the right information or paperwork to cover the bills. Or the insurance company is just being stubborn and obstinate, hoping they won’t have to pay.

And so you get sued. The medical provider wants their money. They ignore the fact that they are not helping get the bills paid by the insurance. They just want you to pay.

You may need a lawyer to sue your health insurance company in your name as the insured patient.

Insurance companies do not volunteer to pay money. Sometimes they have to be forced to pay.

So, don’t give up. Let’s take them to court. Call us and we will work on getting the matter taking care of. We can force a decision from a passive-aggressive, negligent, lazy insurance company and see if we can get your medical bills paid by insurance the way it was supposed to happen.

If you don’t act, the medical provider will. They want their money.

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