Yes, things can get worse.  Legal problems rarely get better when you ignore them.  Time is often your enemy.  Easily-fixed problems usually become impossible after long delay.  Don't procrastinate.

One man came in and told us his shock when a locally famous defense attorney told the judge "guilty, your honor." This attorney explained "You can't win against a DWI charge." But our team wins many DWI's. You certainly won't win if you never try. Don't let your future be decided by a poorly-operating machine used improperly.

For civil (non-criminal) cases, many people I talk with wait too long. Their rights are often already lost under the statute of limitations. While I always creatively work to find a way, people should see a lawyer immediately to explore their rights.

Knowing you are innocent is rarely enough. Of course people get wrongly accused -- in the wrong place at the wrong time. I've seen it. County prosecutors prosecuted one of my clients who just stepped outside with her shopping cart to look at the plants on display outside. The complaining witness contradicted himself under oath and the security video mysteriously disappeared. Yet they ruthlessly pursued this woman over $600, ignoring many holes in their case. I have seen prosecutors charge a wife for applying for a credit card while her husband divorced her, playing into slash-and-burn divorce tactics.

Some can't afford to be found guilty of even a misdemeanor.  They risk losing government clearance or a professional license or a job. There are times when people need our philosophy of sheer determination and creatively searching for defenses, decades of experience, and refusal to quit that has produced results in criminal defense.

Of course, you know that no attorney can guarantee success in court.  But I can assure you of this: You will lose unless you try. That much is up to you.